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Medical Family Toolkit

Medical Family Toolkit

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Medical complexities made manageable

As the mom of a medically complex child, I know how important organization is… and how fallible my memory is. The Medical Family Toolkit is the solution for those problems - whether the patient is a child, adult, or dependent. 

Print & write on these pages, or type right into the editable PDF, to keep all your family’s medical info straight, together, and in one place. Simply hand over the relevant pages to a new doctor or when you have a sick visit scheduled. 

Keep track of diagnoses, prescription medication changes & reasons, and document complex medical histories. Write down all the procedures, tests, and blood work before you forget

Ease new teachers, paraprofessionals, and caregivers into their roles with clear instructions for catheterization, enemas, tube feeding, seizure care, allergy precautions, and more.  

Manage simple medication histories or complex conditions such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, syndromes, and more. 


WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE… over 30 templates!

  1. Table of contents with descriptions
  2. Dependent OR adult/personal medical information
  3. Current medication list
  4. Medical contacts list
  5. Other contacts list
  6. Daily medication checklist
  7. Detailed medical history
  8. Medical appointment notes
  9. Current concerns for a dr visit
  10. Sick visit note sheet
  11. Appointment tracker
  12. Diagnosis log
  13. Procedure log
  14. Lab work/ test log
  15. Medication history log
  16. Medical deduction cheat sheet + tax deduction tracker
  17. Medical mileage tracker
  18. Bowel/bladder log
  19. Tube feeding log
  20. Meal ideas
  21. Meal plan
  22. Growth tracker
  23. 2 different daily schedule layouts
  24. Undated monthly calendar
  25. Equipment purchase planner
  26. Equipment funding planner
  27. Therapy homework sheet
  28. Hospital stay packing list
  29. Emergency plan
  30. Catheterization instructions
  31. Enema instructions
  32. Tube feeding instructions
  33. Allergy precautions
  34. Allergy treatment instructions
  35. Seizure care
  36. Seizure rescue medication instructions



  • Can I type in this PDF? Yes! The document is designed to be edited (AKA typed on)OR printed & written on
  • Was this created by a medical professional? No. It was created by a mom who knows how much information is involved in a medically-complex life. I created templates that I found helpful & wanted to share. 

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